What Should You Do?

Depending on the vehicle that you are interested in, you may find that either leasing or buying is more advantageous to you. There will be various reasons for this – it will depend on the type of vehicle that you are after, the number of miles you intend to cover and many more factors.

Before you go rushing into a purchase or signing a lease contract it is worth doing the necessary research first to be sure that you have made the right choice.

As a guideline we have covered some different types of vehicle and given you our verdict on whether you should lease or buy them – of course it is still all circumstantial but it should get the ball rolling for you.

Jaguar XF

With average residuals of around 55% after three years, you would expect the Jaguar XF to be a great car to lease – after all if it doesn’t depreciate too quickly then monthly payments shouldn’t be too high. This is far from the truth however, as you will actually end up paying almost £13,000 more over the course of a lease term. There is little need to say more – this is definitely a car to buy.

Mazda 2

In recent years the Mazda 2 has excelled in terms of its popularity across the UK. The small family market is undoubtedly one of, if not the most competitive car markets, but Mazda 2 sales have risen steadily and it is now one of the Ford Fiesta’s main rivals. There are plenty of lease deals available with low monthly payments, however you will be required to pay a rather hefty sum at the end of the 3 year period to keep your motor, so we strongly advise you to buy it.

Ford Mondeo

A model which needs no introduction, the Ford Mondeo is one of the best-selling cars in the UK, never mind in its class. However, because there are so many of them about on British roads residual values are actually rather poor – you can easily find a bargain on a second hand Ford Mondeo. For this reason it makes a lot of sense to lease it as opposed to buying it on finance.

Toyota IQ

Although it is a city car, many comparisons can be drawn between the IQ and its larger counterpart the Mazda 2. Just as with the 2, low monthly payments can create the illusion of an attractive offer. But beware, the Toyota IQ holds it value well and consequently you will end up paying a lot more over the course of a lease term – if you want to keep the vehicle at the end of the contract that is.