Leasing or Contract Hire

Leasing and contract hire provide customers looking to have a new car with an opposing method to buying the car outright (there is a different method for used cars). It is not for everyone however and is a method which is much more compatible with some lifestyles than others. Therefore it is not easy to say whether leasing is the best option for you, only you can know the answer to that. Here though we aim to help you answer that question in the most comprehensive way possible. You need to have all your bases covered when you make a decision such as this if you want the most suitable, cost effective outcome, but in order to cover bases you need to know what those bases are to start with.

Contract hire is a great option for limited companies, sole traders and partnerships as it brings many benefits to these types of businesses. One of the key perks is that it reduces much effort in the way of administration as the responsibility of long winded processes such as car disposal does not lie with the businesses who take the route of contract hire. It creates good constant cash flow which allows the business in question to accurately budget their monthly motoring costs.